The Search For Life On Other Planets Essay

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The Search For Life on Other Planets/Moons

For years and years scientists have had mars in their crosshairs when discussing life on other planets within our solar system. Now say we discover that mars is completely lifeless in every way possible. Is there any other possibility of life in our solar system? The answer to that question is in the moons of Jupiter.

More specifically the moon europa. There is no absolute proof because scientists have not had the opportunity to land anything on the icy offspring of Jupiter. If there were life on the moon, it would be alot different than life than we see on earth, but not too different to life by hot thermal vents in our oceans. Europa has an outer layer of ice, but it is thought that strong tidal heat could be keeping the inside of the moon nice and warm. This would mean this environment would fit the prerequisites for life perfectly which are liquid water and sources of energy. An organic compound would be mobile in water and would therefore be able to interact. If that doesn 't point to signals of possible life I don 't know what does.

Another spot in our solar system that could harbor life is Saturn 's largest moon, Titan. Titan has and atmosphere made up of nitrogen and less than one percent of methane. It is also the only natural satellite known to have a dense atmosphere, and the only object other than our mother earth to have clear evidence of stable bodies of surface liquid has been found. THe Minor one…

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