Essay on The Search For A Health Life

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The Search for a Health Life
The first step to obtain a healthy lifestyle should start from inside out, through our desire, and conscience decision to make necessary changes in our life. This process must be based in our own wish to live a longer life, with more energy, healthier and happier. An important factor to reach this ideal concept is to accept who we are, and be willing to make changes and sacrifices in pursuit of a better and fulfilling life. The natural approach to a healthier life is not hard to obtain but certainly is not easier either, with our surroundings full of easy to obtain temptations every step of the way. Let’s take a closer look, and compare our modern unhealthy eating habits lifestyle versus a more natural and healthy one.
First point to be considered is that in our modern world, if we are hungry we can have access to an immense array of options, from junk foods outlets, to restaurants chains, where plates of food can be order anywhere in the United States and will always taste the same no matter what, satisfying our cravings buds. Certainly, is easier for us to feed ourselves and our families with already made and cheaper processed food, than spend time shopping, cleaning, chopping and cooking. The whole process can take hours, and for many of us does feel like a dainty task. I will not try to convince you to make radical changes in your life because most of time this approach has been proved to set a person straight to failure. Consequently as I…

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