The Rights Of The Right Of Life Essay

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Dr. Mildred Jefferson was a physician and a political activist. She didn 't believe that abortions should by legalized and she fought for it. She once said, “The fight for the right of life is not the cause of a special few but the cause of every man, woman, and child who cares not only about his or her own family, but the whole family of man” (Bair). According to Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, unborn fetuses have the right to life, liberty, and justice, but abortion takes away those rights (Appendix A: Universal Declaration of Human Rights). Steve Jobs’s mother wanted to abort him, but she didn’t. Instead she put him up for adoption and he grew up to be the founder of Apple. Where would the world of technology be without Steve Jobs? (Desmond). Dr. David Reardon, who works at the Elliot Institute for Social Sciences Research, reported that 28% of the women who had gotten an abortion attempted suicide and 61% said that the abortion made their life worse (Haven Bradford Gow). In January 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court made abortion legal and over 30 million babies have been aborted (Haven Bradford Gow). Abortion is violating the rights of the fetus, so it’s becoming a huge problem for people all over the world. First of all, abortion is taking babies away from the world and most abortions in less developed countries are dangerous. Secondly, unborn fetuses still have rights even though people can’t see them. They have the same rights as people who are…

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