The Parent Trap By Erich Kastner Essay

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The Parent Trap (1961) featured two teenage twin sisters who swap places and plan to reunite their long lost divorced parents. Thirteen year olds Aristocrat Sharon McKendrick and Californian Susan Evers meet at summer camp where they realize their similarities from hair, face, and habits. Competition drives these girls to dislike each other, and they go extreme lengths to make their stay at camp horrible for each other. They carry out a series of aggravations against each other, therefore the camp counselors step into the situation and place the two in solitary confinement. They are then isolated from other camp members and forced to eat, sleep and play with each other. During their isolation is when they learn about each other families and soon realize that they are twins and separated from their parents divorce. They come up with a plan to switch places and hope to reunite their parents. The film was produced by The Walt Disney Company, directed by David Swift and and written by Erich Kästner. The setting of film the takes place in the 1960s in Boston, Massachusetts and Carmel Valley, California. The genre of this film adventure, the whole movie is seen as adventure because the twins set out a plan to switch places and travel somewhere they have never thus experiencing each other culture, somewhere they have never been.
The Parent Trap (1998) is the remake of the Walt Disney Pictures The Parent Trap in 1961. The remake featured actors such as Lindsay Lohan and Dennis…

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