Essay on The News Article Pretty Much Tells Us That Mars

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2. The news article I chose is relaying scientific information on what is going on another planet, Mars. The researchers found Martian pebbles that tell us that Mars, a long time ago, could have had a river once and not just a short time river, a long lasting stable river that carried these rocks miles down the waterways. These researchers are testing whether these stones are similar to the ones found on Earth. Charles Q. Choi uses the science from the research to conclude that later on it could help scientist figure out other river-borne particles on other planets.

3. The news article pretty much tells us what the original article is saying and the journalist doesn’t really add anything new from other researchers or anything.

4. The article didn’t exactly say that they did the research in a specific affiliation, but the journalist does tell us that Douglas Jerolmack, co-author, is at the University of Pennsylvania, and Gábor Domokos, co-author, is at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The original confirms this by telling us that researchers, Tímea Szabó and Douglas J. Jerolmack did part of the study at UPenn, Tímea Szabó and Gábor Domokos did another section of the research at the college BUTE, and lastly John P. Grotzinger, contributor, did a bit of the study at the California Institute of Technology.

5. The news article does not state what the source of the funding for the study was, but in the original article it states that the “Research was…

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