The Mystery Of Extraterrestrial Life Essay

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Jordan Johnson
Mrs. Laird
Composition 1
24 February 2015

Extraterrestrial Life

The Extraterrestrial, beings that are said to be from another world. The galaxy that humanity lives in is said to be endless, with the vastness of space so grand that no man shall ever reach its end. What inhabits this vastness of space, humanity. However, there has been a long mention of life beside humanity. Space has a vast history filled with fact and fiction. The thought of beings beside humanity seems like foolishness to some, but to others it is almost a certainty. The with massive void of space humanity lives in is filled thousands of stars, planets, and rocks extraterrestrial life seems more than possible. Now, with modern science advancements it seems that extraterrestrial life be proven to be fact . Findings have reports on 104 planets that are in what is known as the goldilocks zone, Tau Ceti a star similar to the sun and discoveries that may possibly suggest currently living or past life on mars. With all this new findings it seems that humanity is not alone in this void that is the galaxy.
Space, it is so vast that it is not possible to have only one planet out of the billions in the galaxy that may sustain life such as Earth and scientist having been researching to prove that. Through their efforts, scientist are hoping to find a another habitable planet. Kepler, a space telescope is being used by scientist to help discover planets that may seem habitable. Kepler has…

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