The Meanings Of The Questions Of Life Essay example

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For as long as one can remember, Philosophers have always tried to answer of what the meaning of life is, or if there is even meaning, but eventually gave up on it because too many factors are implied in answering such a question. In his article, The Meanings of the Questions of Life, John Wisdom challenges the question by presenting some of the factors that might lead some people to think that it is pointless to ask what the meaning of life is before presenting his own opinion that states that asking the question itself is not pointless, but there that might not be a definitive answer to it.
Wisdom starts by arguing that some people think that asking this question is pointless because there are endless questions that one can ask, even if they have an answer, illustrating it in the form of a story: “There is an old story which runs something like this: A child asked an old man ‘What holds up the world? What holds up all things?’ The old man answered ‘A giant.’ The child asked ‘And what holds up the giant? […]’ The old man answered ‘An elephant.’ The child said, ‘And what hold up the elephant?’ The old man answered ‘A tortoise.’ The child said ‘You still have not told me what holds all up all things. For what holds the tortoise.’ The old man answered ‘Run away and don’t ask so many questions’” (Wisdom). What Wisdom is trying to convey here is that no matter how many answers one gets, they are always going to have more questions deriving from the answer they just got. There…

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