The Life Of The World Essay

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The world was beginning to shift and avert from the usual form that I was so used to seeing and living everyday. My home had become sad and withdrawn from its usual happy and outgoing self. The light has dimmed and become saddened with the yelling and screaming that constantly rumbles its walls. My small figure and ignorant self had ran through the halls of this nourishing home since I was born and yet it has begun to fall apart for it can not hold me up and nourish me any longer. My brother and sisters have seen this coming for a while. We can see it in her eyes that she is breaking from the inside out. My mother who has been through hell and back has always stuck by our side and done the best for us, never for herself. We can see it now, she must do this for herself or she will fall apart and not be able to take care of us. We promise her that everything will be okay if she decides to leave him for we know it is what will lesson her saddened soul. So she finally makes her decision and leaves him for good. Though I was young when all this hit my family I remember how everything began to fall apart. My parents divorced when we were all very young; I was about 8 years old, my sister about 12, my brother 9 or 10, and my youngest sister around 4. I believe my youngest sister was blessed with being so young when they divorced because she doesn’t remember what it was like as a family. I was only 8 but I can remember the way my parents would shut their bedroom door as they…

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