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The Life of Muhammad Muhammad was born 570 B.C. in Mecca, Arabia. His parents were Abdullah and Amina, but his father died before he was born. Muhammad’s mother died when he turned six years old then his grandfather took care of him. After two years he went straight to his uncle because his grandfather died. Abu Talib protected him throughout his adulthood. He worked for a wealthy merchant named Khadija. Muhammad delivered her goods to Syria, and Khadija trusted him because he was a hard worker. Khadija and Muhammad developed their feelings towards each other and got married. She was the number one faithful supporter of Muhammad. Muhammad and his warriors constrained the people to follow him on his conquest.

Muhammad felt different when he reached the age of forty, he felt like god has a message for him. He traveled to Mecca and began to hear voices in a place where nobody lives but trees and rocks. Muhammad worshipped and distributed food to his poor people. Before going home, he goes to the black square temple in Mecca. He walked around it for several times as a ritual and go straight to his house after he finished his daily rituals during the Ramadan. Muhammad went to mount Hira outside Mecca looking for solitude. An Arc angel revealed before him. The Arc angel’s name was Gabriel while he was sleeping. Gabriel showed Muhammad some writing’s and said to him Read! Mohammad replied, “What shall I read” (Ishaq and Guillaume, 106). Muhammad read the writings and Gabriel…

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