Essay on The Life Of Min Yoongi 's Life

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Never in Min Yoongi 's life has he ever despised, loathed, scorned, detested a person so much that it should had be illegal. He wanted to eradicate this man, he wanted to burn a fire under him and slowly watch him burn.

It was a simple joke, a harmless joke. Everyone in Bangtan plays jokes on each other all the time, but the first time Min Yoongi goes along with it and plays a SMALL joke to that annoying, small dongsaeng of his, he ends up going to far. 'What is too far ' though Yoongi, 'That bastard Jungkook always goes way out of line for his stupid shit and never gets scolded at, but I do one fucking thing and they 're on my back....what the fuck '. Yoongi 's blood was boiling, and it didn 't make it any worse when no one took his side, he was all alone to stand by on what he had done.

He was in front a his 5 band mates excluding the 'victim ' as Yoongi liked to call him. What was more infuriating was the need to have their own manager in the room with them. The room was quiet, a pin could drop a mile away, they would still be able to hear it. The silence didn 't make it any better either, Yoongi had been waiting for at least 10 minutes and no one had said a single syllable. 'I don 't see the fucking point of keeping me here without saying shit ' Yoongi thought. In fact he wasn 't asked to join them, he wasn 't asked to make a meeting, pick a date, or a time where he was free. NO, they decided to do it by force. They took him by surprise restraining his hands…

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