The Life Of Me : The Life Of Me Essay

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The Life of Me

From all my years of experience I have learned that the beginning of a novel is, more often than not, similar to how you would great a stranger. You start out with your name, which is often forgotten within the first few minutes of introduction, and on rare occasions, when their face appears trustworthy enough, you might tell them your story. However, I have no name, and I am no one, I am simply me, and so there is no need for you to worry about trying to remember what I am called. I tried names once before, but they all too quickly evaporated like smoke with each decade that blew by. I 'm not quite sure of my exact age, but I do know that I am centuries old, impossibly old, yet I have the face of one so young. How, may you ask, have I come to cheat death for so very long? The answer is a man, a selfish man. He too no longer goes by his true name. He calls himself the Doctor. I find sadistic humor in his title. He thinks he has healed me. That, by giving me eternal life, he has ultimately fulfilled his self given name. But he has done quite the opposite. In my opinion, Immortality is the ultimate disease that even death cannot stop. I have tried to die. I cannot. I have begged and I have pleaded for the end. The end has not yet come. And so I go on living. And if I must continue living, I have decided to live a life that I, on occasion, can enjoy. Without regrets. I do have regrets, however. That is why I go by Me now. That is why I have detached myself. I…

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