The Life Of Life And Science Essay

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the Renée sauce would never be remembered if it 's leading members it simply made piles of cash no one has about for any length of time the real source of its glory was the imagination and intelligence with which it 's great bankers and financiers set about spending the money Ministry of Fulda Germany January 14 17 and Italian scholar humanist orgy of Bratcher is on a tour of Germany and Switzerland looking for most Greek and Roman manuscripts you spending a few weeks in a Benedictine monastery hunting around the dusty shelves of its great library when difficulty note makes one of the great discoveries of the whole Renée sauce he comes across what still remains the only surviving manuscript Lucretius the river mature on the nature of things which gives us the most complete the We possess of the philosophy and while few of the Greek philosopher Epicurus budgeting in his circle are astonished Epicurus has hugely valuable ideas about human passions happiness religion communal life and science is a neat highlight of a career spent rescuing lost manuscripts in time Bratcher needs to go on to discover key tax by Cicero Quintilian Vitruvius we combine text he wasn 't of us to little skulduggery to get what he wanted he famously brought a monk to abstract a copy of leaving the Roman historian from the library us felt In Germany pressure he was hugely interested in classical text but he was not scholar as we would understand the time that is someone who wants to investigate possible…

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