The Life Of Chrissy Jackson Essay examples

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The Life of Chrissy Jackson
November 20th 1998, a very intelligent, quiet, shy girl was born. She entered the world not knowing that life would be a confusing mist for her. She would witness changes in her life that she didn’t quite understand. Changes that made her into the woman she is today. A woman of God, courage, determination and faith. Most importantly, a woman who learned to love herself.

One night me and my mother was arguing over something and from that moment everything went left. She was fussing, I was fussing and we didn’t even bother to listen to each other. Next thing I know, my mom had her hands around my throat and she was choking me. Literally choking me with her hands, I was trying to move her hands and breathe because I couldn’t get out her grip. I was crying and everything. I couldn’t believe my own mother choked me. It gets worst. She then told everybody that I hit her. Everyone was looking at me like I was a bad person, a disobedient child. It broke my heart. People quick to judge you when they don’t know the full truth. That same night my grandmother came and talked to me. I love my grandmother very much and I wanted to leave with her. She talked me out of it and made me apologize, even though I strongly disagreed about it. “ Be the bigger person”. It changed me as a whole. Not only did it interfere with the relationship I have with my mom or my family, but it made people believe I was that type of person. The bond I had with my parents was the…

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