Essay on The Life Of Ba Odah 's Life Before The Arrest

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There is a great amount of injustices are happening all around us as we speak and we are aware of maybe half of them. For example, In America you have to have been charged with a crime to be in prison. Tariq Ba Odah has been imprisoned since 2002 without charge. Many changes have occurred since his arrest, police injustice towards him, and attempts to close Guantanamo. Tariq Ba Odah may die in Guantanamo if he soon isn’t released. He has been on a hunger strike for eight years now and is in a very unhealthy condition. Tariq Ba Odah’s life before the arrest was as normal as anyone else’s. Ba Odah was born in 1978 in the Shabwah district of Yemen where he lived until the age of one. He spent his early life as a child in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in a beautiful home surrounded by his parents and his many brothers and sisters. Ba Odah says that growing up, he lived a very peaceful and happy life with a wonderful family. Now, with him in prison he lives on just the memories from his childhood. He is always saying that the worst part about being in prison for him is that he is so far away from his family and never gets to see them. In 2002, Ba Odah was arrested by the Pakistan police and was (still is) very confused why, he says he wasn’t doing anything that would even get him a slight of a chance to get arrested. Ba Odah reports that, to this, he still does not know the true justification for his initial arrest. He was accused of having gone to the region to fight with the Taliban…

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