The Life Of A Nicholas Sparks Movie Essay

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They say it was the calmest night they had felt in ages, but I did not notice. Every time she was around I felt a constant fire burning inside of me I couldn’t put out. Until that night, the night the fire died, and I have never felt it again. It seemed as if it was like a Nicholas Sparks movie, but this ending is all too far from being happy. This ending is not the beginning of a new life, and it is not a miracle. This ending, is just that. An ending.

It was a cold December night, and the love of my life, Issi, was in the passenger seat singing along to her favorite song. The roads were icy, and I could tell she was scared, but she knew she could trust me. We had just had the most wonderful two year anniversary dinner, and we were on our way to her house. As soon as we turned the corner, and she sang her favorite line, “I hope my kids will visit once or twice a month,” the car slid. The roads soon became our biggest enemies, and the song dwindled into the background. Neither of us made a noise, and all I could hear was her heart speeding up to its limits.

Just like that, Issi was gone. I couldn 't hear her heart anymore, in fact, I couldn 't hear anything at all. I sat there and the first thing that entered my mind was, “I just killed the only thing I’ve ever loved.” I guess what they said was true, I felt nothing but calmness. The fire I have been feeling all night, the past two years, this fire that has been raging inside of me soon became a stranger to…

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