The Life Of A Family Essay

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Roverle Inalvez is the name of my grandmother. She is currently sixty-one years old. Teaching was her first profession, but that was when she was still in the Philippines. As of now, she finds passion in taking care of the elderly. She is married and has given birth to three children and one of them is my mother, her only daughter. Raising a family has been a real struggle for my grandparents considering that they married at an early age. My grandfather had to leave his family behind in the Philippines to stabilize their financial problems. My grandmother, on the other hand, continued studying college while taking care of the family. Eventually, she graduated with a Masteral Degree in teaching, but that and my grandfather’s work were not enough to support the family. They were in debt. Three of their children would all soon be in college. She had no other choice but to work abroad. Working abroad was another endeavor she had. She was an illegal immigrant in Italy. After a 14-hour flight, she arrived in Italy finding pizza as a welcome dinner from her sister who had been living in Italy for long. Disappointed, she slept through the night craving for rice. Although she was hungry, she was also too tired and depressed to even have the appetite to eat. That was her first night in Italy. Although her first night didn’t turn out quite well, she was still lucky because a month after that, she was able to find a job. After a month of learning the Italian language, she was hired…

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