Essay on The Jewish Population Of Europe

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In 1933, the Jewish population of Europe stood at over nine million. Long before America entered the war the holocaust began. Germany had been started its operation with the Jews. The United States had no real war with Germany it was with Japan it was after Germany declared war on the U.S. is when we targeted them. Sadly at that time the U.S. didn 't care about anything that happened there. The main mission was to defeat Germany and their tyranny over Europe.
Once everything was in motion the Germans would begin to restrict the Jews removing them from their professions and public schools, confiscating their businesses and property and excluding them from public events. The most infamous of the anti-Jewish legislation were the Nuremberg Laws, enacted on September 15, 1935. They formed the legal basis for the Jews ' exclusion from German society and the progressively restrictive Jewish policies of the Germans things were not the same in Germany. It would even be hard for Jews to escape In July 1938, representatives of 32 countries met in the French town of Evian to discuss the refugee and immigration problems created by the Nazis in Germany. No agreement was made and it was apparent to Hitler that no wanted to refugee and that he would not meet resistance in instituting his Jewish policies. Basically the Jewish people were trapped. On November 9, 1938 a 17 year Jewish boy distraught at the deportation of his family, shot a German secretary that later died on the next day. The…

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