The Incarceration Of Boot Camp Prisons Essay

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Discouraged by an increase in crime, a shortage of prison space and a high rate of recidivism, innovative approaches to punishment have been implemented over the last few decades. Several sentencing options are currently available that attempt to provide alternatives to incarceration or immediate probationary release into the community. These intermediate sanctions are often novel substitutes to imprisonment for offenders who are deemed a low risk to the safety of society and are unique ways to help criminal offenders spend less time in jail. Experts believe that many offenders who are not firmly committed to a criminal lifestyle can be rehabilitated through programs that combine educational, vocational, employment and drug treatment programs(“Shock Incarceration”).
Boot Camp Prisons, once touted as a potentially innovative alternate sentencing option, is one of these programs. Sometimes known as shock incarceration, boot camp programs use a military-style approach and were hoped to be “well-planned alternatives to imprisonment for offenders who appear to represent little or no continued threat to the community” (Schmalleger 313). Conceived during the decade of the 1980s, it was hoped that these programs would have a higher rate of rehabilitation than straight imprisonment and could help reduce the cost of imprisonment at the same time. Because this time period saw a huge increase in the number of convicted young offenders who would either be sentenced to time in prison…

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