Essay on The Holocaust And The Nazi War

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The word Holocaust literally means a “destruction or slaughter on a mass scale” and that is exactly what was set in motion when the Nazi’s took power in Germany in 1933. The Holocaust would officially last from 1933 till 1945 when Germany surrendered and the concentration camps or also known as death camps were emptied . There were about twenty-two main death camps along with thousands of other less important camps throughout all of Germany and German controlled territory in World War 2 . There were several groups of people that were targeted to be sent to these camps however the main focus of the Nazi genocide was the Jewish population. There were several killing methods used by the Nazi’s in these camps, the most effective and horrifying were the gas chambers and gassing trucks . The Holocaust was without a doubt one of the most heartbreaking events in history caused by man. In March 1933 in the first year of the Holocaust the Nazis opened the first concentration camp named Dachau located northwest of Munich. Dachau had the capacity to hold over 5000 inmates, the first groups of inmates were political prisoners consisting of Communist and Social Democrats. When Dachau first opened in March 1933 it was operated by Bavarian state police however less than a month later the SS would take over operating Dachau. Theodore Eicke who would later in the Holocaust become the Inspector General for all of the concentration camps was appointed commandant of Dachau by Heinrich Himmler.…

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