The First Concentration Camp Was A Nazi Policy Of Exterminating European Jews

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On September 1st 1939, the German Army invaded Poland, starting World War II. France, Poland and Great Britain were among the first of the Allies to join the war against Hitler and the Third Reich. On September 10th 1939, Canada officially entered the war. During World War 2 the Allies failed to provide the necessary assistance that was needed in order to liberate the Jewish people. Feeling abandoned and neglected, the Jewish people decided to fight against the prejudice on their own. They established the Jewish resistance. France, Great Britain and Russia as well as their colonies fought against Hitler and his regime, these were known as the Allies. The final solution, was a Nazi policy of exterminating European Jews. It was introduced by Heinrich Himmler and administered by Adolf Eichmann. It resulted in the murder of an estimated 6 million Jews between 1941-1945. The Jewish leaders pleaded with the Allied forces to bomb the camps, to end the suffering, they did not. The first concentration camp was not liberated until July 1944, 11 years after the first ones were built. The Allies failed to rescue the Jewish people.

Although it is easy to say that they Allies should of done more, or they should of stopped Hitler earlier. The state of the country has to be taken into account. They are still recuperating from a massive economic crisis that resulted because of the previous war. Many countries were in no state to fund and produce a war. So they did everything to could…

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