The Film Jesus Camp ( 2006 ) Essay

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In the film Jesus Camp (2006), the film focuses on an in depth documentary of religion (Evangelical Christian). The film revolves around children attending a Christian summer camp and their devotion to Christianity and several other religious practices. The readings “Staying Grounded in a High-Rise Building” and “The Hindu Gods in a Split-Level World” each represents a different religion in America and there origin. There is a significant comparison in religious practices between the film and the readings in regards to the role of ritual and the body, religion’s relationship to transnationalism, and religion in urban/suburban areas. The role of ritual and the body can be represented as activities performed according to a pertain religion. Such ongoing and continuous rituals can help strengthen and connect to the deity/ies one worships or believes in. The concept of the role of ritual and the body in the readings differ from that of the film (Jesus Camp). In “Staying Grounded in a High-Rise Building” the Haitians, specifically Mama Lola who is a priestess, stays in touch with her religion and spirits by traveling back to Haiti (Brown, 79). Haitians in the second diaspora are still considered highly religious as some practice Vodou confidentially do to the environment (New York) not approving of this practice. Some New Yorkers find Vodou to be weird and not appropriate to society. Haitians stay connected to their roots which is known as Africa. In America religion can vary do…

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