Essay on The Farm : Life Inside Angola

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The Farm: Life Inside Angola is a documentary that looks into the lives of 7 inmates while they serve time in one of America’s largest prisons. All of the inmates that share their story with the researchers are serving a sentence of 75 years or more. This film highlights important injustices inside institutional prison by focusing on the lives of these individuals and through highlighting racial inequality, issues in the justice system, and the true aspects of life inside Angola. Racial inequality runs wild at Angola where the majority of prisoners are African American, a percentage that is a gross misrepresentation of the Louisiana population. Additionally, issues in the justice system that are showcased in The Farm stem from quick excerpt by the narrator where he stated that due to financial issues, many of the men incarcerated in Angola were forced to represent themselves in court. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for inmates to raise enough money to be able to review their case records in order to appeal to any higher courts. One inmate in particular’s family was shown hoping to raise the 3,000 dollars needed in order to attain his court files so that they could work towards an appeal. Inmates do, however, earn money every day through labor though the average is probably around 8 cents an hour, as field workers earn only 4 cents and the highest position can earn around 18 cents. Life inside Angola also has had a long reputation of inmate violence which inmates…

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