The Extermination Camp Was The First Of Its Kind Essay

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Chelmno extermination camp was the first of its kind. Chelmno is located 31 miles from the Polish villages of Chelmno and Nerem. The camp was set up specifically for the process of obtaining complete “Germanization.” Chelmno operated from December 8, 1941 to April 11, 1943, which was during the most deadly phase of the Holocaust, and also was in operation from June 23, 1944 to January 18, 1945, which was during the Soviet counter-offensive. The camp was built to exterminate Jews, mainly from the Lodz Ghetto and local Polish inhabitants of the area. In 1943, there was an attempt to change the camp’s killing processes and methods because of the reception building being destroyed. Chelmno is responsible for killing anywhere from 152,000 to 340,000 people during the Holocaust. Later, in the Chelmno Trials of 1962-64, there were charges against Germans for at least 180,000 Jews that were murdered. The majority of people exterminated at Chelmno were Jews. The Governor of the Reichsgau Wartheland ordered the process of setting up the extermination camp at Chelmno. The Governor had received a letter to start “the mass killing without judicial process” of 100,00 Jews, which was about one-third of the total Jewish population in that territory. The letter requested the process of killing those Jews to be carried out quickly, being completed very soon. At Chelmno, the killing center mainly consisted of a vacated manorial estate in Chelmno and a large clearing 2.5 miles northwest…

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