The End Of A Life Essay

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The end of a life can be the beginning of a legacy. Choosing to be an organ donor is the first step in saving a life. Donated organs help sick and dying individuals grasp the second chance at life that they rightfully deserve. The decision of an individual to donate organs, whether it be during life or after, is honorable and plausible. Within the circumstances of each situation, however, donors must keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to give another individual their life, not for financial gain. The organ donation system that is used today is based largely on altruism, or the belief that people will selflessly help each other expecting nothing in return. Donors could be a family member, friend, or stranger, but they all have the common goal of helping someone in need. When someone donates an organ they get a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction because of the good deed they have done. People have also said that it helps with coping when a loved one has passed away. In the article “Financial Incentives for Organ Donations” it talks about how donations based on selfish incentives, such as being compensated, could have a “decreased respect for life and the sanctity of the human body” (Nelson 1). If people were given the option of financial gain from donating organs, people would be more concerned with the cash payout rather than the ethical rewards tied to donating. This would also decrease the amount respect we have for our bodies.
On average about fifteen people die…

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