The Effects Of Home Life On A Child 's Life Essay

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Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key is a story of a young boy who suffers through his daily life fighting to keep control over his racing mind and exploding behaviors. His tragic life story began with his parents walking out, leaving him with nothing but his uncontrollable grandma. His mom soon decided to grow up and return to better her son’s life. As Joey goes through a series of mishaps, teachers begin to give up on him. He is sent from classroom, to special-ed classroom, to a special-ed center because very few people wanted to deal with him. Joey felt as if he had lost all control of his unruly behavior, until one doctor found a solution that gave him the confidence and courage to change his ways. Throughout this book I have seen the impact of home life on a child’s behavior, the difference certain medications can make on a child’s life, and discovered how I can learn from this story to better my future.
Joey Pigza never had an ideal household to grow up in. Joey’s grandma would abuse him, and literally treat him like a dog: ““Bark,” she’d say, and if I didn’t she’d get the flyswatter and swat me across the bottom until I sounded like a pet store full of dogs” (122). She had given up all hope for Joey, and acted psychotic herself. Joey would mention throughout the book that he and his grandma would run around the unkempt household screaming and acting inappropriate. Joey never had someone at home reprimanding him and showing him how unseemly his behaviors were. His grandma…

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