The Economic Future Of The United States Essay

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Imagine the anticipation of millions of students as they wait for the final bell to ring, the signal that announces the start of summer break…but it never comes. As “horrifying” as that sounds, that has been the norm for 10% of publicly-enrolled students, or about 3,000 schools residing in the United States according to the educational company, Niche on their statistical data about year-round schooling. This issue has been debated time after time and is widely loathed by many adolescents; most who have never experienced the benefits that emerge from this system. A non-profit organization called Students First explains that the United States is academically falling behind every subject compared to South Korea, Japan, Finland, Germany, and many other countries. Clearly, this is an affair that needs to be resolved now. The economic future of the United States is in jeopardy and if it wants to remain a global superpower, they must overcome this educational barrier. Current polls and studies show that summer vacation is harmful for students, especially those of in high school.
To illustrate, getting rid of summer breaks can and will make students less stressed. The unfortunate outcome of students attending school is that they are burdened with the amount of work they have to do. With some people required to go to after-school or before-school practices, club meetings, and separate extracurricular activities, no wonder they are struggling with their grades or not getting enough…

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