The Demographic Transition Model Of Canada Essay

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In the Demographic Transition Model, Canada is currently in the Low Stationary stage which is Phase 4. There are many other developed countries that are in this phase like USA, UK, Japan, and Australia. For a country to be in this stage it would have to have both birth and death rate that is low which is a result of good healthcare, family planning etc. In the chart shown above, Canada has a low birth rate of 10 per 1000 people and a low death rate of 8 per 1000 people in the year of 2014. Even after 25 years, the countries population rates stay fairly low, which will maintain the stable population. A birth rate and death rate being low will automatically result in a stable population and natural increase just like Canada has. In this country the fertility rate is also 1.6, which is also another main reason why Canada is in phase 4. The replacement level fertility is 2.1 and Canada is near that number with a 1.6 fertility rate. As Canada is a developed country, it has adapted many western norms of later marriages, women working etc. and this a key factor in balancing the population. It is evident that a stable population just like Canada will result in a country being in Phase 4 of the Demographic Transition Model.

Guinea is currently in the Early Expanding stage which is Phase 2 of the Demographic Transition Model. Countries in this phase are mainly the Least Developed Countries and that is because of the high birth rates but very low death rates. With the…

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