Essay The Current State Of Housing

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The current state of housing in the foster care system is not an effective or reliable way to help troubled children nationally. The existing system causes confusion for children, places children in potentially dangerous or neglecting foster homes, and leaves many alone with no one to rely on at the age of eighteen. There are not enough families to provide for the children; much less “good” families. This results in bleak conditions, such as overcrowding children into group homes or abusive foster parents. Though permanency is a main goal of the system, it is rarely attained. The system needs improvement if it wants to benefit the lives of children instead of causing more problems. One way that the foster care system can improve is to adjust the focus from fostering to adopt. It is a brutal truth that most families willing to foster do not desire to adopt. In addition, there are also not enough families available for the number of children that need to be placed into foster care. In the current system, so many children are forced to switch homes for many years and never have stability and, consequently, their emotional and behavioral conditions are worsened. To combat this issue, there are many emerging alternative housing options that can improve or completely change foster care. Alternative options for reform include residential camps, paired communities with older adults, or providing temporary care until eventually reuniting children with birth families.
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