The Core Team At Youth Group Essay

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We have all came across a decision in life or impact that has changed our life for the better or worst. We all have to take it on and be content with the things that are happening because at the end of the day we could be somewhere worst then what we are facing. One impact that had changed my life for the better would have to be that I had got asked to be a part of the core team at youth group. I will tell you how I got asked to join the core team, what I did, and how it impacted my life. My biggest impact in life that changed me for the better would have to being a part of the Youth Group Core Team.
Well I started attending Youth group in 2008 my sixth grade year. I was the only one from Reedley. I didn’t have friends from Dinuba because I had moved school. But that wasn’t the thing I went for I attended youth group to get myself closer to God. Later on, as I attended I was getting to make friends get to know people and we were all there for the same reason. We meet once a week on Wednesday at 7 o’clock. I started to see that there was high school kids in the other room and that they had adults but they weren’t giving the talks of the week. I started to ask questions to my youth leader and she responded with “yes we let the high school kids run the night”. So that motivated me and kept my mind to attend because I wanted to be a part of the core team for church. Then my last year of being with the middle schoolers I was asked to be a part of the core team and if I wanted to…

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