The Concentration Camp Established By Nazi Germany Essay

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Dachau was the first concentration camp established by Nazi Germany in 1933. It was a labor camp designed to punish political prisoners and enemies of Adolf Hitler. Dachau was a model for how other concentration camps should operate under Nazi Germany. Through intense labor and strict regulations, prisoners were taught to obey authority. Dachau was created to enforce compliance with the Nazi regime. Unlike the death camps that focused on extermination, Dachau was a labor camp where the main goal was to punish political prisoners. Heinrich Himmler was an officer in the Nazi organization of the Schutzstaffel, commonly known as the SS. He announced the opening of Dachau on March 20, 1933, at a press conference. Dachau was located ten miles northwest of Munich, Germany. The site of the camp was on an old munitions factory that operated in World War I. The camp had a set capacity of 5,000 prisoners, but this was ignored in later years. Hilmar Wäckerle was appointed as the first commandant of Dachau. In June of 1933, Theodor Eicke replaced Wäckerle as the commandant and created a set of regulations for the camp. These regulations would later be used at all Nazi concentration camps, making Dachau a model for other camps under the Nazi regime.
Six years before World War II, on March 22, 1933, the first unlucky prisoners were brought to Dachau. Those initially chosen to work at the camp were German Communists, Social Democrats, and trade unionists. Over time…

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