The Company Market Dojo Based On Frameworks Studies Of The Industry Competition And Business Strategy

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The objective of this Business Report is to analyse the present situation and Business strategy of the company Market Dojo based on frameworks studies of the industry competition and Business Strategy as such as Porter’s five forces and Dynamic Environment Strategy. Also to propose recommendations that can contribute to the organic growth of this company. 1.1. Market Dojo Company and Strategy
The company was founded in Bristol in 2010 by procurement and engineer professionals that decided to create an online service which could facilitate the buyer’s work in some responsibilities as such, as reverse auctions, prospect suppliers, and proposal’s requests. The idea was innovative in the United Kingdom as there was not a service provider with proposal similar concept. The service is provided through an online platform as SaaS (Software as Service) and the objective is not to be a sophisticated software as the existing services, but uncomplicated. The company’ s slogan is “e-Sourcing made simple”. Considering the strategical importance of the Procurement for Business, they considered this service would be a significant tool, then the chance to reach a large number of clients. Their focus is to provide a fast, interactive and easy tool that will bring great results effectively. Whereas not demand time on installation, the professional can instantly create events like electronic auction interactively, the goal of the buyer is achieved with a low cost, time reduction and…

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