The Book ' The Martian ' By Refocusing Our Space Program On Mars For America 's Future

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“By refocusing our space program on Mars for America 's future, we can restore the sense of wonder and adventure in space exploration that we knew in the summer of 1969. We won the moon race; now it 's time for us to live and work on Mars, first on its moons and then on its surface.”- Buzz Aldrin (Aldrin, Buzz). In the book The Martian, Mars is not a dream, but a reality. It has already been reached and is now accessible with a long space ride and a smile. This is a book of determination, desertment, and prevailing against all odds. The writing is serious, but also includes little bits of humor throughout. Andy Weir has a very sincere and upbeat sort of writing that keeps the reader involved and sucked in while reading. This book will leave anyone hopelessly trapped in its pages until finished. All 369 pages will engulf any person in the feeling of hope and will keep them involved for the survival of the main character, Mark Watney. This is truly an extraordinary book that changes outlooks of those who read it. The main character of the book is named Mark Watney. Our first encounter with the character shows that he is nothing special. Just a basic, normal Botanist and engineer. This all changed as the story progressed and he began to utilize all of his skills for survival. Those that he knew he possessed, and some he did not. With nothing but his knowledge and the little rations in his possession, Mark Watney survived what seemed like an impossible task: Surviving on Mars.…

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