The Book I Chose Is, Touchdown Mars ! By Peggy Wethered Essay

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Teagan Nurnberger
MST 202-03
The book I chose is, Touchdown Mars! By Peggy Wethered, Ken Edgett, and Michael Chesworth. The text structure of this book is in a sequence /chronological order, starting with the reader being told that “you are an astronaut,” to the adventure in space, and then finally coming home. Additionally, the text is organized alphabetically by key terms. The authors’ purpose of this book is to give factual information regarding Mars, space travel, and general information about space. Additionally, the authors, I believe, intended to spark curiosity, for they have a page dedicated to asking questions.
Some of the fun facts my students can learn from this text is the speed a rocket needs to reach in order to escape Earth’s gravity, why Mar’s looks red, information about the varying temperatures on Mars, and facts about its moons Phobos and Deimos. Furthermore, I hope my students will take away the specific facts that compare and contrast Earth and Mars, for the authors do a nice job making such comparisons throughout the text. For instance, it is said that Mars is half the size of Earth. Mars also has wind like Earth and its rocks were formed similar to Earth’s rocks. However, the sky on Mars may appear light brown or pink because of the dust picked up by the wind, while our sky is blue or gray most of the time. Next, the scenery of Earth and Mars vary. The students can draw different pictures comparing and contrasting these aspects to help get a better…

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