The Belzec Camp Essay

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Imagine you are a Jew and live in the Lvov region around April 1942 and the Nazis are raiding your home and telling you and your family to go in train cars, thinking you are going to a transit camp but are actually going to an extermination camp in Belzec. This is what happened to a lot of Jews at this time because Hitler and his followers wanted to get rid of the Jews. Belzec extermination camp was a part of Operation Reinhard along with Treblinka and Sobibor and was a bigger part of the Holocaust then some people think. Belzec began operations March 17, 1942 and ended in December 1942, (Holocaust Museum). This research paper will be about the background of the Belzec camp, the different sections of this camp, and the Belzec gassing process. The intro of this paper already gave a brief background of Belzec, but now it will get more in depth. The camp began as a labor camp in April 1940 and used the labor from its camp and surrounding Jewish communities to build the extermination camp and the gas chambers. This camp unlike other camps was not part of or converted from any other recognized camp facility. “Belzec was built as a part of Aktion Reinhard, solely for the extermination of the Jews,”(Holocaust Museum). The camp was originally built and finished by November 1st, 1941, but did not begin operations then. Belzec consisted of two different camps split up into three parts for all different things. The first section was the administration section which is where the Jews…

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