The Battle Of The Camp Essay examples

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Commander Hall arrived back at the convoy within a couple of minutes; he ordered them to set up all of the medical facilities in place. The camp at this time was considered active with the plague and anyone entering it would have to be dressed accordingly. As soon as they get set up they well notify the camp they will begin the screening of all its occupants. They needed to separate the healthy ones with the sick ones. Once that was done the healthy ones would be relocated, the sick ones that were diagnosed with the plague would be isolated, after that the camp would be burned to the ground to prevent the disease from spreading any further. The Sailors were very experienced and set up the medical facility very quickly it was part of their training; it took almost four hours to get everything in place. Once they had done that they created four teams, three of those teams dressed in hazmat suits would go into the camp, set up one of their own screening tents on the other side of the camp away from the camps hospital. The fourth team would be sent out to the Aviation Museum to screen the Marines and Sailors out there that had passed through the camp. It was going to be a long day for everyone involved. The fourth team moved out to the Aviation museum, the good news was that the Marines and SEALs didn’t spend much time at the camp at all. Most of the men and women never even entered the camp, however the SEALs and the Navy OIC did, in fact they were at the hospital.…

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