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Project 2: Genre Analysis
Peer-reviewed articles are available in most different discourse communities, and can be compared to those of the writing discourse community. Discourse communities are composed of multiple genres that can serve as valuable information in learning about that community. In Analyzing the peer-reviewed journal article titled “Study of Language Features of Business English” by Jiang Yaxin, and comparing as well as contrasting it to the peer reviewed journal article titled “Materiality and Genre in the Study of Discourse Communities” by Amy J. Devitt, Anis Bawarshi, and Mary Jo Reiff, both articles were very informative and mainly targeted the members of that discourse community. In order to further one’s knowledge on the genre of their discourse community, they must be able to relate it to that of another discourse community. In doing so, they must be able to identify, analyze, and reflect on both genres given and attribute them to one another. In Yaxins article, the genre of business English is discussed and provides valuable information to members of the discourse community regarding the proper use of language in the business world. Likewise, in Devitt, Bawarshi, and Reiffs article the genre of discourse communities is discussed and the article provides valuable information to members of its discourse community regarding the usefulness of discourse communities in writing. There are many conventions found in the peer-reviewed articles that do not…

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