Technical Communication Projects, Cultural And Ethical Considerations

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Course Outcome: 1. Analyze the audience, purpose, and context of technical communication projects, including cultural and ethical considerations Throughout the course of the semester, the course objectives were reached and produced an increase in my ability to write valuable technical communication documents. The major projects that contributed to the achievement reached within each objective were the job application, memo proposal, instruction sets, formal proposal, and presentations. The audience, purpose, and context of technical communication projects were evaluated through cultural and ethical considerations. The audiences for all of the assignments over the semester varied from managers and CEOs to students and instructors. For my job application, memo proposal, formal proposal, and group presentation the audience consisted of a hiring manager from a law firm, our instructor and peers, and the head of Hospitality Services at Texas Tech University. For our instruction sets, the audience could be anyone who had online access to our instructions. Thus, I learned how to make my writing more clear and comprehendible to a variety of audiences. The different audiences that were addressed with all of our activities, exercises, and assignments formed the style in which I wrote. This entailed me to pay close attention to details and to be concerned with the professional appearance of my work. Time was the biggest constraint for course activities and assignments. For example,…

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