Surgical Wound Infection Essay

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According to Walker and Avant (1995), concept analysis allows nursing to examine the attributes or characteristics of the concept.

* Concept Analysis of the Surgical Wound Infection ?

I will like to identify patients conditions and other factors contribute to the development of

Surgical Wound infections.

* Determine the aims or purposes of analysis
The purpose is to understand the effect of environment in surgical wound infections.
Prevention of infection requires the application of the principles of microbiology and accept practice.
Measure of this concept is based on the stages of wound healing and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention guidelines defining surgical site infection as occurring 30 days
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Surgical Wound Infections are associated not only with increased morbidity but also with mortality.
Seventy-seven percent of the deaths of surgical patients were related to surgical wound infection.[2]
Kirkland et al calculated a relative risk of death of 2.2 attributable to SSIs, compared to matched surgical patients without infection.[4)
All surgical wounds are contaminated by microbes, but in most cases, infection does not develop because innate host defenses are quite efficient in the elimination of contaminants. A complex interplay between host, microbial, and surgical factors ultimately determines the prevention or establishment of a wound infection. * Determine the defining attributes

* Infection occurs within 30 days after the operative procedure

* Patient has at least of the following:

a) purulent drainage from the superficial incision

b)organisms isolated from an aseptically obtained culture of fluid or tissue from the

superficial incision.

b) superficial incision that is deliberately opened by surgeon and is culture-positive or

not cultured.

c) patient has at least one of the following signs or symptoms: pain or tenderness,

swelling, redness, or heat. (6)

Case 1.
July 18th.
45 year old man had a Total Hip Replacement
July 22nd.

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