Essay on Summer Of The Sea Serpent

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Summer of the Sea Serpent I’ve been reading and writing since kindergarten. We all have. None of us had a choice whether we wanted to learn or not, but some of us excelled more than others. That was me. I was one of the best readers in my class starting when I was in kindergarten, and I think knowing I was actually good at something is what made me like it, among other things of course. Now writing on the other hand, I have never felt confident with my writing skills. I am not one to write these huge, elegant, perfect papers like some of the kids in my English 1010 class I was in this past year. I have been reading ever since I learned how, and I have always loved it. One of my fondest reading memories is when I was in the first or second grade and I had become utterly obsessed with a series, The Magic Treehouse. I am pretty sure I read and reread every single one a thousand times. I had to have one with me at all times just in case our teacher gave us silent reading time. Those books were my favorite because they took me to another world. I always felt like I was right there, running alongside Jack and Annie. One of my favorite parts of this series, which is in every book, is when they are in the treehouse and the wind starts to whistle and the treehouse spun and then all of a sudden they were in a different time. After I read this part I would close my eyes and pretend I just experienced that with them. My most cherished Magic Treehouse book was Summer of the Sea…

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