Study Guide for Business Management Essay examples

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1. How can a manager build employee trust? Choose 1 answer A. Identify only very general job skill changes B. Provide employees information on industry growth potential from innovation C. Provide very general change information D. Identify and be negative about the change with employees E. Provide specific job loss and change information 2. A change vision must be developed and clearly conveyed to all members of the firm. What aspect of the change vision should management communicate to employees? A. Nonsupportive management views B. Vague images of the proposed organizational structure C. How the employees will be affected by the change D. A summary of major rumors regarding the change 3. What are the four types of strategic change? A. …show more content…
B. Employees and management learn from failures. C. Firms need to punish failures as examples to avoid future failures. D. Employees will fear the formal humiliation of failure.

16. What is an important characteristic of effective strategic objectives? A. Expressed in words, not numbers B. Describe specific work activities C. Not difficult to achieve D. Are measurable

17. Which of the following strategic objectives demonstrates cross-cultural awareness? A. Keep customers content. B. Increase sales by serving current markets. C. Provide top-notch service to increase customer loyalty. D. Increase sales by satisfying the needs of diverse customers.

18. What is the difference between core competencies and distinctive competencies? A. Core competencies are measured relative to internal activities, while distinctive competencies are measured relative to competitors. B. Typically, core competencies reside in a company's personnel, whereas distinctive competencies reside in a company's customers. C. Typically, core competencies reside in assets shown on the balance sheet, whereas distinctive competencies do not. D. Core competencies provide the basis for competitive advantage, while distinctive competencies do not. 19. Which statement about the strategic planning sequence is correct? A. Crafting strategies precedes setting objectives. B. Crafting strategies and setting objectives are completed simultaneously. C. Strategies

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