St. Bonaventure With The Tree Of Life Essay

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The unrestricted genius behind this piece of work begins with the depiction of St. Bonaventure with the Tree of Life. According to the Divine Library “St. Bonaventure, is the great 13th century mystic philosopher, theologian, and doctor of the Church. St. Bonaventure traces the theme of God 's merciful love in the life of St. Francis. However, he also wrote extended meditations on the life of Jesus Christ, especially in a work entitled The Tree of Life.” Represented in our picture we have a man pointing towards Jesus being crucified at the top of a plant like figure, however that is what the common eye sees.
The man is St. Bonaventure and he is pointing to Jesus in order to begin a story from the end to the beginning. Jesus on the cross represents his death for the people and the blood spilt for others wrongs. The plant like figure beneath Jesus is the tree of life, and this tree tells the stories of the great Jesus. The artist behind the masterpiece is known as The Segovia Master. This piece was created in Castille, Spain in 1490. The piece was created with oil and gold leaf, over silver leaf on panel. This piece was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Campbell on January 1st of 2014. The way that the art is designed is for the common eye; you would look at this picture as if it were a regular photo but if you do not know any of the back story then it is just a combination of colors and texture to be admired by you. This piece is average in size compared to other art pieces…

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