Essay about Siddhartha And The Spiritual Essence Of Life

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How is wisdom obtained? Hesse wrote the book titled Siddhartha which is a connection to the spiritual essence of life. This novel conducts the journey of Siddhartha through the hardships of learning that knowledge cannot be gained through his teachers. Since SIddhartha must gain wisdom through his personal encounters he changes his form through numerous rebirths in the novel Whereas, Siddhartha travels through his life searching for the enlightenment from being a Brahmin like his father, to becoming a Samana with little satisfaction because of his teachers incapability to further Siddhartha’s Self. Then once Govinda, SIddhartha’s childhood friend, leaves Siddhartha for the Illustrious one there is a short chat before Siddhartha leaves between Govinda tnew teacher and SIddhartha. Since the Illustrious one has obtained wisdom through his own life lessons Siddhartha begins to understand that he must become his own teacher through his encounter with the Illustrious one. Because Siddhartha pushes himself through life lessons his valuable follies of becoming a merchant and lover, to becoming capable of love, and a ferryman who learns through the river these are the most vital situations that make Siddhartha finish his goal. When Siddhartha previously has left his life of learning through teachers behind with his friend Govinda there has been a rebirth of Siddhartha. Since Siddhartha has been away from the life of possessions for so long he must experience them for himself…

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