Secret Life of Bees Essay

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The Secret Life of Bees Essay
“There is nothing perfect, there is only life,” is one of the most inspiring aphorisms that August uses in the book The Secret Life of Bees. August says this to Lily to teach her about life and how it is not perfect. This lesson is shown in many ways, one being when Lily knows that it was her who killed her mother. Also how she had to deal with T-Ray treating her the way he did and him being rude to her most of her life. These words that August says to Lily in Chapter 12 show how she’s guiding Lily to think better of herself. She doesn’t just try and comfort Lily, but she tried to show her how rough life is and to not always get down when things don’t go as planned.
In the book, Lily goes through a lot of
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Lily is told about how her mother had left her and T Ray and went to live in the bee house with August. When T Ray first told Lily that back before she left, she ignored it thinking he was making it up since Lily thought her mother would not have abandoned her just like that. T Ray also told Lily that her mother did not love her nor care for her, which really bothered Lily to hear. After August tells Lily everything she is upset and angry at her mother for abandoning her and cannot forgive her for doing that. Here is when Lily needed to hear those words from August, how there’s nothing perfect, just life. Lily is angry at her mother for leaving but also has a better understanding of why she did the things she did. Towards the end of the book, Lily discovers how unhappy her father is. When she decides to stay with August and her sisters, she sees how hurt he really was by Deborah’s abandonment.
Lily must find the way to forgive her mother, T Ray and herself, and accept that everything that happened was not her fault. Nothing is perfect at all, there’s only life to live. All there is to do is make the best out of every situation and continue living with your head up high; never letting anything bring you

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