Rock Island As A Terrible Prison Camp Essay

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Many citizens of the United States after the Civil War knew somewhat of the horrible nature of the POW camps, but many people mostly knew the name of Andersonville in the north. For the south one of the most feared camps was Rock Island. Rock Island as a terrible prison camp did not reach the knowledge of everyone until the very popular book Gone With The Wind. In the novel it follows a plantation owner family the trial and turmoil of before and after the Civil War. One of the main characters husbands Ashley Wilkes is fighting in the Civil War, but is captured. The two characters of Scarlett O 'Hara, and Ashley’s wife Melanie Wilkes discuss how Ashley was taken to a horrible place called Rock Island. With the books immense popularity, and also being made into a movie the name of Rock Island was once again known throughout the United States. The POW camp in Rock Island which had been the fear of both Confederate soldiers, and their families alike was finally out. The POW camp in Rock Island was infamous for being worse than death for many Confederate, yet there was another POW camp in Illinois. Recently camp Douglass has been brought to more light as just as horrible of a camp if not worse than Rock Island, but was this true, was either of them really as bad as we think, or where they both the worse than death place we known them to be? In this paper we will be attempting to answer some of these questions including how conditions got the way they did, how they handled, and…

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