Rhe Is The Right Thing For Them? Essay

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Rhea hasn’t always been this way, if someone were to have known the ever so proud of their name Rhea Wanda Marissa Brown-Bright at age seven and said “you’ll want to be a minister one day.” Rhea would probably have said “the people who talk at the boring service thing?” Luckily, things have changed since then. To be truly accurate to the reasons Rhea decided ministry was the right thing for them comes from several different events, some that are filled to the brim with joy and others filled with misfortune that still affect Rhea today; all of them important to why, all Rhea wants in the future is a nametag that can officially say Rev. Rhea Brown-Bright. Rhea’s mother Marge and Rhea’s father David decided to move from the south side to a house on the north side when Rhea was four. The summer after the move when Rhea was five, things in the house became slightly off balanced. David started to eat nothing but lettuce, went to Mercy After Hours for illness’ that weren’t even real enough times he was banned from there. Once it was discovered David’s thyroid was messed up the crazy stopped. If Rhea had been any older this experience would have been scaring, but Rhea was five and just thought this happens to adults sometimes and told all their friends that “my dad likes lettuce a lot”. So life went on normally, Rhea attended the First Unitarian Universalist(UU) Church of OKC, which they had attended since they were a toddler. There, they would be in musicals about being eco…

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