Remus And Romulus, Twin Sons Of Mars Essay

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Remus and Romulus, twin sons of Mars, the god of war, founded Rome. Placed on the Tiber in a basket to drown, they were rescued by a she-wolf. The brothers defeated the king of nearby Alba Longa and founded their own city on the riverbanks. Later, Romulus murdered his brother and became the first king of Rome. In the Latin Plain of Central Italy, Rome, a single city-state grew into an empire that ruled the entire Mediterranean coastal region. The Roman rule can be divided into two periods: the Roman Republic spanning 507 BCE to 31 BCE and the Roman Empire, spanning 31 BCE to 476 CE. The Roman Republic consisted of two main movements. First, the Constitution of the Roman Republic consisted of principles passed down through precedents and the unwritten guidelines. During this period, the Romans attempted the create a code of law known as the Laws of the Twelve Tables binding both the plebeian and patricians that were enforced by consuls. The law forbidding marriage between patricians and plebeians was repealed, along with the law disqualifying plebeians from serving in office. The Assembly of the Tribe guaranteed all male citizens could cast one vote, thereby enshrining a democracy in law. The Roman government comprised a variety of elected offices. The consuls, of whom there were two, had the highest political authority, while the praetors, who were judicial officers, had distinctive authority in cases of equity. In the absence of consuls praetors could…

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