Reaction and Case Study in Business Ethics Essay

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Bulacan State University
City of Malolos
College of Business Administration

“Reaction and Case Study in Business Ethics”

A paper private to the college of
Business Administration of the
Bulacan State University
City of Malolos Bulacan

In partial fulfillment of the
Requirements in Business Ethics
Under Mr. Eliseo S. dela Cruz

By: Efraim Hazel C. Reyes

Case Study Outline
Title Page

Table of Contents

Part I - Introduction of the topic

Part II - Background and examination of principles

Part III - Discussion of issues and problems

Part IV - Implication to individual student of the application and practices of Ethics and
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Core values—trust, respect, belief, humility and integrity—guide the company every day and are fundamental to how we conduct our business and meet the evolving needs of women and all of our stakeholders.

Part III
Discussion of issues and problems


Even though Avon has been around since 1800’s or for over 100 years in the industry they have never really been super consistent with their promotions.

Team Leader Support

A team leader who is pushing to grow faster than agent wants to may not be the right way and may lead to crucial failure in the business.

Focused product line:

Avon has been in the cosmetic industry since 1800's. But there are younger companies in the industry that outsmart and that are ahead of Avon in the industry these includes Unilever and Procter and Gamble because they offer variety of products and didn’t focused on one only.

Outdated products

Some of AVON’s products are out-dated and old-fashioned, these causes loss of profit because no one wants to buy a product that is out of trend. People always want fresh, new, and innovative products in the market.

Payment issues

Some of the agents fail to give

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