Quality Of Life Essay

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Urban quality of life is the measure of satisfaction that people derive from living in a city and ranges across a variety of categories including geography, health, social sciences and more. However, quality of life is not based on one set ideal, but depends on the individual preference of the people, and typically incorporates the sense of security, prosperity, health, comfort, financial stability and other personal aspirations. (Urban Quality of Life)

It has been assumed that quality of life is associated with wealth. However, today quality of life is considered to be one of the most significant aspects of prosperity. It is conceptualised in different ways. The Human Development Index includes indicators of health and education, alongside an economic component (Gross Domestic Product or GDP). The Legatum Prosperity Index considers quality of life to be multidimensional, including both wealth and wellbeing. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Quality of Life Index links life satisfaction to health, family life and community life. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s Well-being Initiative has two dimensions: ‘material living conditions’ and ‘quality of Life’. The Livable City Index also includes elements of quality of life. (Urban Quality of Life)

Australian cities rank very highly in international measures of urban quality of life. Expansions due to factors such as immigration, industrialisation and economic stability of the country have been the…

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