Psychology: Life and Marilyn Monroe Biography Essays

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Why Marilyn Monroe Behaved the Way She Did

When you hear the name Marilyn Monroe you probably picture the sexually enticing, curvy, sex-goddess of the 1950’s. She grabbed our attention with her playful and feminine magnetism. “She dominated the age of movie stars to become, without question, the most famous woman of the 20th century.” ( Although most people don’t know that Marilyn Monroe was not always this happy and fortunate person. Marilyn Monroe’s life was filled with hardships and struggles that she overcame to be this powerful woman she is remembered as today. I believe that Structual-Organisimic Perspective; psychodynamic theory, psychosocial theory, and piagetian theory, greatly
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Monroe looked for security and affection in her adult relationships because of the lack of relationship she had with her mother. “She tried to replace the father, the mother, the family she never really had, through her marriages and by attaching herself to the families of others.”(
Monroe married her fist husband at the age of sixteen and according to him Monroe was a “sweet, generous and religious girl and she liked to be cuddled.” ( Monroe’s desire to be cuddled all the time is the result of the lack of relationship she had with her mother and the lack of security she was feeling from not having a present mother. The lack of emotional attachment from her mother could also be the reason why Monroe displayed herself as a sexual goddess. She was trying to fulfill that void in her life through sex. Monroe’s values were greatly influenced by the society and the environment around her. Because of the time that she spent in orphanages she didn’t have any real family values to follow. She had to make up her own values as she grew and developed into an adult. The lack of having any real family values to follow and develop off of according to psychosocial theory would greatly affect Monroe’s ability to move through the adolescent stage successfully. This is the result of why Monroe had identity issues later on in her adult life because she did not have a good foundation

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