Pro Life Or Pro Choice? Essay

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Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? You are a college student, living in an apartment with two other girls. You work two jobs, trying to pay for school and trying to live. You and your boyfriend of two and a half years just broke up four days ago, and you just found out that you are pregnant. You are not in a financially stable position to take care of another human being. Do you keep the baby, or choose to have an abortion? What about this scenario: You and your wife are pregnant but didn 't know until just recently. During the time that you did not know that you were pregnant, your wife had been to the doctor to get a shot that apparently shouldn 't be received when pregnant. Unknowingly, she told the doctor she was not pregnant and got the shot, only 3 weeks later to find out that she is. When she goes back to the doctor, they tell her that there is a 75% chance that when the baby is born, it will suffer severe mental disabilities and possibly be deformed. Do you and your wife go along with the pregnancy, or do you choose to have an abortion for the sake of the child. Abortion is a huge controversy that has been argued over for quite some time. There are two sides to the fight, Pro-life and Pro-choice. Each of which, takes a different stance on whether abortions should be performed or should be legal. People who support Pro-life hold a core belief that human life begins at conception and that throughout the entire pregnancy, from conception to birth, holds the same inalienable…

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